Zaniolo-Pellegrini, Roma have a plan


ROME – The market of Rome has a priority: Nicolò’s confirmation Zaniolo and Lorenzo Pellegrini. In recent days a meeting was held in Trigoria. A summit to study new strategies in view of the resumption of the championship. Petrachi, who had stayed in Lecce for two months for the lockdown, went back to work and had this peremptory mandate: the two most sought after players are non-transferable. This has already been communicated to the players’ agents. The sports director has the heavy task of making capital gains with other players, must get rid of those made redundant, with the collaboration of Baldini, back on the front line and will remain so until Pallotta is president. Petrachi is convinced that he can build a competitive team, despite the difficulties of having to move on the market with the need to make ends meet. The meeting, which he also attended Fonseca, ended with the determination that it will be possible to fight with the big ones with a few targeted retouches. The coach is satisfied with the squad, to which he wants to add experience for the next season. His position emerged strengthened from the meeting. The club has full confidence in the coach, who worked until the end of the championship amidst a thousand difficulties, mainly related to numerous injuries. The executives assured him that they will do everything to please him.

Possible business

Bonaventure is Pedro are two priorities. For the Milan player, contacts with Raiola continue, the agreement does not seem far away. Pedro has received an offer from Rome and has not yet given an answer, because he is also evaluating others. Petrachi is also working on two very strong exteriors. For now the names are top secret. Confirmed interest in Kean, strongly desired by Fonseca, convinced of being able to manage his intemperances. The coach insists on keeping Mkhitaryan as well. The dream remains Gravenberch, Ajax talent on the rise. Roma’s strategy will be to make purchases with the redemption loan formula. The main gains will concern Under (estimated 30 million) e Kluivert (40 million), Atalanta’s interest in the Turkish is confirmed, while the Dutchman has a lot of market in England. The many redundant players, including those returning from abroad, must be sold. Olsen is close to a second tier Premier club.

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