Zangrillo: “The virus no longer exists clinically, return to normal life”


“The virus no longer exists clinically”. Strong words were those pronounced by the San Raffaele chief Alberto Zangrillo in the “Half an hour more” debate, which was also attended by Christian Solinas,

“The virus no longer exists from a clinical point of view, says the University of Life and Health of San Raffaele, says a study done by the director of the Institute of Virology Professor Clementi. He says it together with the Emory University of Atlante, Professor Silvestri “, says Zangrillo.

The former personal doctor of Silvio Berlusconi also explains that “the swabs performed in the last ten days have results with an infinitesimal viral load from the quantitative point of view compared to the swabs performed on the patients a month ago”.

“Terrorizing the country – he says – is something for which someone must take responsibility, return to normal life”.

“I say it aware of the tragedy that the patients who did not make it – he continues -, but we cannot continue to bring attention in a ridiculous way as Greece is doing, we cannot set the discourse as it does the National Scientific Committee. The virus no longer exists from a clinical point of view, I sign it. “

The primary also spends words of praise for Milan, which “reacted in an extraordinary way”. And on the possibility of a second wave: “It is desirable that the virus disappears forever, as did Mers and Sars, other coronaviruses”.

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