Zangrillo, San Raffaele: “The coronavirus is clinically gone, let’s go back to normal life” – La Stampa


“The clinical criticality related to coronavirus is over.” Alberto Zangrillo, director of the general anesthesia and resuscitation and cardio-thoraco-vascular units of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, announced this, inserting himself into the controversy between the Gimbe foundation and the Lombardy Region. In recent days the foundation led by Nino Cartabellotta had criticized Lombardy claiming that it was too early to reopen and alluding to some magic in numbers. Pirellone had responded immediately, announcing a lawsuit. Zangrillo takes a position: «We are in the usual way: do we believe in abacuses or in the real clinical evidence of first aid and intensive care? It has been a month now that we who have looked at the drama in the face smile hopefully. while the jugglers of the number chew bitterly, Covid patients who deserve to be hospitalized have not arrived at San Raffaele for a month ».

And again: «What is the sense of the maniacal race to the swab (the Gimbe foundation claims that the numbers are decreasing because the Regions have decreased the tests, ed) when Professor Massimo Clementi, director of the San Raffaele Institute of Virology, shows that Is the viral load of current positive swabs irrelevant? Is there any reason to block Lombardy’s production activity? “.

Zangrillo therefore asks to return to normal life: «For three months the numbers have now been zero. And I’m not saying it: the University of Life and Health San Raffaele says so, a study says it after the study done by Professor Clementi, says Professor Silvestri of Emory University in Atlanta “.

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