Zaia, the new ordinance: “Via the obligation of the outdoor mask in Veneto from June 1st”


VENICE From June 1st in Veneto they will no longer be mandatory outdoors. The obligation remains indoors (like bars and shops) and outdoors if there is a crowd (like at the market). This was said by Luca Zaia, who is preparing to sign a new ordinance in the afternoon which will be valid from Monday and will run until June 15. From Monday – Zaia pointed out – you wear the mask in closed places, in bars and restaurants or where there is a crowd, which means that when you go walking you don’t use it, but you carry it with you if you meet someone you can wear. From June 1st the spa and wellness centers will reopen. For summer camps, we have solved a Dpcm vulnus. Whoever manages the private center sends a form that we attach to the Municipality. a very simplified view because we are sure that those who open commit themselves in writing to apply the guidelines. a second round of control is useless, also because we have parents who are informed.

Luca Zaia at the daily press point (archive)
Luca Zaia at the daily press point (archive)

The numbers

The governor of Veneto reported the data summarized in the Company Zero bulletin to the usual press point: in Veneto there are 645,427 tampons, 13,303 more than yesterday. There are 1,834 people in isolation, 308 fewer in the last 24 hours. The number of positives 19.134, 9 more. There are 411 inpatients (minus 15), 137 of whom are positive, while in intensive care there are 31 patients, 7 of whom are positive. 3,349 (+13) were discharged, 1,906 (+8) died in total, of which 1,373 in hospital. As always, the governor also mentions the number of births, 76.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 1:27 pm)


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