Zaia: “Closing Greece cries out for revenge”





Zaia: Closing Greece cries out for revenge

“L’total ostracism of Greece against us cries for revenge, is a decision that is not based on a scientific position and is a suicidal choice also having regard to the tourist budget of Italians going on holiday to Greece “. The governor of Veneto Luca Zaia said this when speaking on ‘Tonight Italy Weekend’ on Retequattro.

“At this stage – he added – we need health coordination at European level”.

As for the “Immunity license does not stand because the swab is instantaneous but does not give guarantees that the tourist will not develop a positivity later. I understand the concern but it cannot be opened like a leopard. Openings are possible if we are all responsible, and we Venetians have shown responsibility ”.

“My position is known, I opened first of all – he added – from 1 June we will also open summer camps. In the end we will find a solution, we must reopen. We in Veneto have an excellent situation and we are healthier than ever, there is no concern. ”

“Now – Zaia stressed – cinemas, theaters and discos are missing from the appeal and I think that with health care guidelines we can also think about the reopening of these activities”.

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