Zagaria case, new request for imprisonment at the Sassari Surveillance Court


The Department of Prison Administration has found a suitable structure for specialist visits and is now asking that Pasquale Zagaria (boss of the Camorra) return to prison where he can be treated.

The judges of the Surveillance Court of Sassari will decide on the case, the same magistrates who had ordered the house arrest (deferment penalty) for one of the prominent characters of the Casalesi clan.

The hearing before the Court of Sassari is set for today. The defenders of Zagaria will be present.

After the release of the boss (who was in the Bancali penitentiary, under a regime of 41 bis), the Department of penitentiary administration (Dap) and the Guardasigilli Alfonso Bonafede were overwhelmed by controversy. Numerous other bosses have been released together with Zagaria. The punishment deferrals have been arranged for matters related to the Covid emergency. The head of the Dap, Francesco Basentini, has resigned.

Subsequently, the Minister of Justice Bonafede obtained the go-ahead on a Decree that allows to re-evaluate the release. Zagaria had been released because he could not be treated in the island’s hospitals and the Dap had not indicated alternative structures to the judges. The Court of Sassari had ordered the domiciled after having repeatedly and unnecessarily solicited the Department of Prison Administration

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