YouTube for Android TV exceeds 50 million downloads: a litmus test of the entire platform


Edoardo Carlo Ceretti

We used to report apps that reach far more significant goals in terms of downloads on the Play Store, so someone may be surprised that today we talk about 50 million downloads exceeded by YouTube for Android TV. In reality however, it is a given well more interesting than it may seem at first glance.

The app is in fact among those that Google install of default on all devices equipped with its software platform for TV and, as known, the Play Store also counts the pre-installations in the total calculation shown on the page of each app. This helps us understand, albeit in span, the spread of Android TV in the world.

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A success still decidedly reduced, if you think about the numbers that Android is able to grind on smartphones and tablets, but that must be dropped in a very different context from the mobile one. The smart TV models with Android TV on board are still relatively few and even less are the certified boxes. And these are still niche products, which have yet to fully express their potential.

Google has never released data on the number of Android TV users active on a monthly basis, unlike the competitor Roku, which has about 32 million. Looking at the 50 million total users who have used YouTube for Android, it is easy to guess that Google is dealing with much lower numbers than its rival, but that it is probably rapidly growing. And do you own or have ever owned a device equipped with Android TV?

Via: 9to5 Google

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