“You should apologize, I am with the guarantee of Aldo Moro” – Libero Quotidiano


Depended on Piercamillo Davigo, we would all be guilty regardless. The latest intervention by the magistrate symbol of Justicialism – the same embodied by the 5 Stars and their sounding board, which responds to the name of Marco Travaglio – made many skin crawl. “The Italian mistake was to always say ‘we await the sentences“Said Davigo to A clean sweep, then giving a not very good example to justify his thought: “If I invite my neighbor to dinner and I see him go out with my silverware in his pockets, I don’t have to wait for the sentence of the Court of Cassation so as not to invite him again”.

Second Paolo Becchi the magistrate “should apologize for what he said” and President Sergio Mattarella “hurts a lot to keep silent”. “I’m with Aldo Moro, and you? “, is the question of the editorialist of Free, which on social media relaunches Moro’s intervention to the Constituent Assembly of 1946: “The presumption of innocence, as a form of guarantee of individual freedom, as a further impediment of that arbitrariness that could occur if the accused or arrested or detained if it were already considered as qualified in the negative sense of society, it represents a principle that must be acknowledged “.

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