“Yes, we hugged each other. The coronavirus only affects the elderly”: the “irreducible” of the nightlife speak


Behind the much-talked nightlife there is the need for young people to regain their freedom, their feeling immortal, their trust in friends. And the security that the virus “only affects the elderly”. This is evident from an article by Elvira Serra published in the Corriere della Sera: the boys explained to the newspaper why “they are not afraid to go out”.

Paolo, 21 years old, a student of Political Sciences in Bologna, made two in the morning on Friday and admitted that he spoke with friends without a mask. But nothing seems to worry him.

«First of all my age, the virus affects the elderly. Then the fact that I was with people I knew and knew I had spent the quarantine at home without contact with other people. And finally the fact that my parents live in Cagliari, here I have no relatives, I don’t risk becoming a vehicle of contagion ».

The need for socialization is strong after quarantine. But the aperitif is not the problem. Riccardo explains it, seventeen years old, a student at the Mameli high school in Rome. At Ponte Milvio – he says – nobody wore a mask: “We wanted to make a good impression”.

“And in any case, the aperitif isn’t even the most serious thing – he adds -. Many of my peers are organizing birthday parties at their home where they invite a dozen friends: I see it from their stories on Instagram. Nobody controls them … »

The “diehards of the nightlife” are young people who think they have already done their part and deserve some fun. As Edoardo Meneghini, 22, says in his last year of Computer Science and president of the student council of the University of Trento.

«For weeks we have been forced to have a social distancing which was not that of the metro in the supermarket, but of human relations. It was difficult for everyone: a student has to deal with peers daily, inside the library, in the university’s bar, in the library, in the canteen or in the courtyard. There is now that he wants to recover that dimension ».

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