“Yes to Mes? I have heard the opposite more than once, really” – Libero Quotidiano


Luigi Di Maio makes it clear: Giuseppe Conte has two faces, one when he speaks with the Democratic Party, another when he speaks with the 5 Star Movement. To those who remind the owner of the Farnesina that the prime minister has leaked that the MES would be “a possibility” for Italy, the grill player replies: “I have heard the President say the opposite more than once, really. And there is a lot trust in his words, especially from the political force that I represent “he admitted in an interview with Il Messaggero as if to say: first he says one thing, then another. If in fact the European Stability Mechanism is widely supported by the Democratic Party, the same cannot be said of the movement founded by Grillo. On the subject, many pentastellati say they are ready to do battle. Not only that, because there is also another unknown factor under consideration, this supported by the grillini: “In any case – continues the Foreign Minister – there is a game still in progress. We have made some important steps forward but to date there are still certainties about Recovery, on which we are aiming “. A very clear message: Conte you have to decide.

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