“Yes, come on, I’ll call Marco Travaglio” – Libero Quotidiano


Among the interceptions of the case-Luca Palamara, which is overwhelming the judiciary, also appears Marco Travaglio, the director of Everyday occurrence. In the chat relaunched by The truthin fact, it also appears Anna Maria Picozzi, the prosecutor, who said: “I already have one of our girlfriends on whom we can blindly bet. I don’t know how many places are available in Palermo but we have to take one”. So what is interpreted as a real one threat to the current manager, and this is where the director of the Everyday occurrence: “If I have a hole, I’ll call Marco Travaglio“And Luca Palamara replies:” He’s nice to me. “And we had no big doubts about it. Palamara, he remembers, is accused in Perugia on charges of corruption. Suspended by the CSM, he parried with two of his colleagues from the Anti-mafia close to the vote for the Rome prosecutor.

Incidentally, the words of Picozzi in Palamara were also re-launched by Maria Teresa Meli, the signature of Corriere della Sera, on Twitter. Without comment, a “silence” – that of Meli – which says very long:

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