Yellow in Libya, trafficker kills thirty migrants in Gharyan – La Stampa


It is still yellow on the massacre of thirty migrants in the town of Gharyan, south of Tripoli, last Wednesday. It is an area at the center of the clashes between the retreating forces of Marshal Khalifa Haftar and the militias of the government of Fayez al-Serraj. The migrants were kept in a clandestine camp in the locality of Mezda, waiting for a passage to Italy. One of the traffickers allegedly raided, perhaps out of revenge, and massacred them with a gunshot. There are also 11 seriously injured, taken to hospital.

But still no details or testimonies have emerged on how and why the massacre took place. The trafficker somehow wanted to “punish” the victims but the reason is not clear.

The massacre was however confirmed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) which condemned the massacre and spoke of the “involvement” of a trafficker. The IOM asked the Libyan authorities, allegedly those of the Tripoli government, which control that area, to “conduct an investigation and bring those responsible to justice”. The IOM has also asked to implement a safer alternative to detention for migrants who are intercepted in Libyan waters and brought back ashore, in order to guarantee “rights and protection”.

“This senseless crime – explained the head of the IOM mission in Libya, Federico Soda – puts before us the horrors that migrants must face in the hands of traffickers in Libya. These criminals take advantage of the instability and lack of security to prey on and exploit desperate people. ” During 2020 almost 4 thousand migrants were intercepted at sea and brought back to the country. The luckiest ones end up in authorized detention centers, the others in prisons run by traffickers, waiting for another attempt to move to Europe.

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