Xiaomi launches two new Mijia brand top-loading mini washing machines


In this period, the topic of cleaning is increasingly at the center of attention and what better opportunity to launch two new mini washing machines with built-in drying? Here, it is precisely what Xiaomi did this weekend through the Youpi crowdfunding platform, presenting two top-loading washing machines, the Mijia Pulsators that differ in the ability to host the laundry: 5.5 and 3 kg respectively, conforming in small size and a really cheap price, a successful combination.

Mijia Pulsator 3 KG

The first model, the one with a 5.5 kg capacity, has dimensions of 496 x 507 x 814 mm and a weight of 21 kg, offering a washing speed of 760 rpm. The second model of Mijia Pulsator washing machine instead conforms in dimensions equal to 420 x 455 x 725 mm and a weight of 18 kg, also offering a washing speed of 760 rpm. There are 10 washing modes available, one of which is quick and completes a wash cycle in just 22 minutes.

Xiaomi launches two new Mijia brand top-loading mini washing machines

The compact dimensions of the product do not however limit the typical characteristics of the older sisters, such as the presence of a double membrane filter and a self-cleaning mode capable of removing automatically any residue from the basket or even its various filters. In the upper part of the appliance, we find the presence of a small LED screen where you can view the washing mode in use as well as 4 physical buttons that allow us to select the washing operations quickly and easily.

Mijia Pulsator 5.5 KG

But the surprises do not end here, as the Mijia Pulsator washing machines, if necessary, become dryers that through a special program allow the sterilization of the washed garments, at high temperature, reaching a value up to 80 ° C, able to eliminate 99, 9% bacteria and germs, a very useful function for children’s clothing.

Sales are expected to start tomorrow May 25 at a price of 799 yuan (about 103 euros) for the 3 kg model, while 1099 yuan, or about 141 euros, are required for the model with increased basket capacity.

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