Xbox, the source code stolen along with that of Windows NT 3.5 –


The source code of the first Xbox has been stolen together with that of Windows NT 3.5. The Xbox code includes the operating system kernel of the original console, which is nothing but a custom version of Windows 2000.

The Verge confirmed that the theft actually took place. MicrosoftWhen asked about the matter, she said she was investigating to find out what happened. According to what has been learned, it seems that the stolen data had already been shared privately between groups of enthusiasts, even if there is not much information about it.

In addition to source code Xbox, the one for Windows NT 3.5 was also stolen. It is a semi-definitive version of the old operating system that includes all the tools and that could allow fans to discover its secrets. Microsoft ceased support for Windows 3.5 in 2001, so we don’t know what damage the code might cause to emerge. It seems that there are still those who use it, but these are few companies and not particularly relevant. At least not to the point of fear of who knows what security problems.

We currently don’t know how hackers have managed to get to the code. Perhaps from one of the many security holes due to the increase in remote work caused by the pandemic in progress, as happened with Nintendo Wii? Who knows.

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