Xbox Series X will have “generations of improved games for free on the same console” –


It’s official: the final sprint for the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X has begun. In fact, Microsoft and Sony have started the big maneuvers: for every statement there is an answer, for every announcement of the counter-information. The exchanges of compliments are over, now it’s getting serious and in the coming weeks the success of the launch of the new consoles will be decided. The new battleground is backwards compatibility. For Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox marketing, Microsoft also believes in generations of consoles. Just that with Xbox Series X the “generations of games they will be improved for free on the same console. ”

A statement that takes the headache that made yesterday by Sony, which said it focused on exclusive games for PS5, given that it believes in generations.

Xbox believes in generations. Generations of games that run on the latest HW using its next-gen features guarantee [su Xbox Series X] more choice, value and variety than ever before from a console. All our games will be available at launch on Game Pass and you can have all these upgrades for free“.

A strong affirmation, which obviously pushes on the choice of Microsoft to make the passage between generations very soft, unlike Sony which seems to want to put some more stakes.

What philosophy do you prefer? A machine that tries to exploit all its capabilities right away or one that guarantees a wider support for your library, perhaps at the expense of a slower exploitation of the machine’s capabilities?

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