Xbox Series X: SEGA may distribute the console in Japan under another name


Do you remember the news that we brought you back where there was talk of an incredible scoop regarding SEGA? Well, from today, quite interesting rumors have begun to circulate about this “papabile” scoop which should be revealed on June 4 and would concern Xbox Series X.

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According to rumors, some relaunched by Jeff Grubb – the man behind the revelations of the summer events – Microsoft would have concluded a sensational deal with the Japanese company. This agreement should allow SEGA to distribute Xbox Series X in Japan under a completely new name: there has been talk of, Sega Series X Xbox Series Dreamcast or Xbox Series Saturn and many other names. As a result, SEGA would also have the burden of distributing Microsoft games on Japanese territory, as well as bringing all its IPs to Xbox – Persona, Yakuza, Shenmue and so on.

obviously they are simple corridor entries, but that are becoming more insistent over the hours. To tell the truth, if we really have to refer to the “expiration date” of this scoop, it could all be addressed to some sort of partnership with Sony for the games event, but it’s just an idea.

The fact is that SEGA and Microsoft have collaborated a lot over the past few months, they bring to the American console several IPs that have never been released before, such as Yakuza or even Phantasy Star Online 2. Even if the whole thing were true, it must be underlined that it would be a partnership and not an acquisition, this to clarify that the games, if they were to come out, would hardly be exclusive to the platform. What do you think of all this? Do you think it could be feasible? And above all, what impact could it ever have on Japan? Consider that Xbox One sales in Japan have been far from exciting in recent years. If it is true, we will undoubtedly find out between June and July or maybe during June 4th.

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