Xbox Series X, “Ray Tracing is the Holy Grail of Graphics” for Jason Ronald –


The “Ray Tracing of Xbox Series X and the Holy Grail of Graphics“. This bombastic statement was made by Jason Ronald, the director of Xbox Program Management, and reported by the BBC. Ronald is in charge of managing the Xbox program and you will certainly have noticed it, in case you have seen one of the last direct Microsoft like the Inside Xbox: he was the guy with the long beard.

In this statement, the Xbox man said that ray tracing is considered the holy grail for those who develop 3D graphics. The real-time calculation of lights and lights reflexesin fact, it has always been a mythological goal, apparently unattainable. But it is seen as that characteristic capable of making the qualitative leap to three-dimensional graphics.

A technology used in cinema for several years now, but impossible to manage in real time. Too high production costs, too much power required to be calculated, at least so far. Xbox Series X (and PS5) promise to offer graphics photo-realistic covered by Ray Tracing. Which would allow you to find the Holy Grail of graphics.

A concept taken fromofficial account Xbox which, showing the hardware architecture of the Series X “in operation”, announces with great pomp that the new generation of consoles will allow, precisely, to find this sacred object.

It seems to you a little exaggerated or seems appropriate, however pompous, like comparison? Do you consider Ray Tracing that technology capable of making a huge evolutionary leap to the graphics of a video game?

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