Xbox Series X, Microsoft wants a worldwide launch, not as fragmented as that of Xbox One –


Xbox Series X should arrive on all major markets simultaneously thanks to a simultaneous worldwide launch, therefore not chopped like what we saw regarding it Xbox One, this is a point that seems to be particularly dear to Phil Spencer.

During the recent podcast which featured the boss of Xbox Phil Spencer together with the ex-President of Nintendo USA, Reggie Fils-Aime, the Microsoft man has returned to reiterate the matter, defining himself optimistic for the launch at the end of 2020.

“As you know, we are very busy on this, having already talked about a worldwide launch, which unfortunately we have not been able to do with Xbox One,” said Spencer clearly. Then, also involving Fils-Aime, he elaborated more deeply: “Do you remember when you saw us from the Nintendo Campus, it took months and months to reach some markets incredibly important and this made us understand how fundamental a launch is for us, “said Spencer.

The reference to the Nintendo Campus is probably due to the physical proximity of the Microsoft headquarters to the Nintendo USA one, so Fils-Aime could probably have some idea of ​​what was happening in Microsoft at the time of the launch of Xbox One.

However, it is not the first time that Spencer has made it clear howExit of Xbox Series X wants to be somewhat different from the Xbox One, as to take the distances from errors made at the time by the Xbox division, while obviously not explicitly denying anything that Microsoft has done in the past, but the desire to give a different address to the Xbox shines through with the launch of Xbox Series X from the very concept of the console to the management of its interface, the latter in continuity with the evolution carried out so far so as not to confuse users.

Moreover, among the problems of Xbox One that led to the delayed launch also in Europe and in Japan, the need to adapt the entire interface with voice commands of great importance was also important. Kinect to the various languages ​​on the different markets, which of course is no longer a problem with the Xbox Series X.

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