Xbox Series X and 60 fps, Phil Spencer returns to talk about frame rates –


Xbox Series X will prefer games a 60 fps: guest of the Reggie Fils-Aime podcast, Phil Spencer went back to talking about the frame rate and its importance, all the more so with the advent of next-gen platforms.

“One of the things I have discussed publicly is the feeling of playing on a console that allows for higher and more stable frame rates,” said Spencer referring to 60fps as the standard on the Xbox Series X. “Understanding the fluidity of images in a video it’s impossible, how do you get a feeling? ”

“We are getting to a point where experiencing this type of high frame rate experience has become as important as the visual capabilities we have. However, it is impossible to present these specific features in a context like the present one.”

Spencer said that probably the only way to make users understand these aspects is to allow him to try Xbox Series X in person, but with the current restrictions due to the health situation it will not be easy at all.

In this regard, the Xbox boss has confirmed that the release of the console will not be postponed and that everything on the distribution side proceeds as scheduled, despite the difficulties.

“We had another hardware meeting this week. In terms of distribution we think we are okay, we will have enough units for the launch. We are working hard for aExit simultaneously worldwide, which we have not been able to do with Xbox One. ”

“The games are also making good progress,” Spencer continued. “However, all stages of development that require physical work, such as motion capture or recording of orchestral music, have been paused. From this point of view, we will have a stronger impact on pre-production projects than on those in post-production. ”

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