Xbox One updates by improving the Panel and more


We inform you that Microsoft started to release the May 2020 update of Xbox One, introducing a series of innovations that the members of the Preview program have been able to test for several weeks. This update focuses on improving the experience with the Panel (Guides in English), also introducing some improvements to the game collections, to the Community page and to Mixer. Let’s see all the news together. Simplified panel

The Panel is the part of the Xbox interface that players spend most of their time in, as they are accessed during game sessions to interact with other players, make broadcasts, take screenshots, check Goals and so on. No wonder, then, that Microsoft continues to continually refine it to improve the user experience.

The new Panel that you will find after updating the console is designed to be “lighter” from the point of view of visual complexity and therefore easy to use. It was indeed reduced the number of cards present by combining different functions and switching to a new navigation order that goes from left to rightinstead of from the center to the two ends as was the case so far. They have also been unify game, app and system notifications in a single notification area, so you no longer have to switch between different tabs to see different types of notifications.

The board “People“has been reorganized:” Suggestions Friends “is now”Find someone”, Making it easier to find people you may know, while in the” Club “section you find”Discover the clubs”To discover new communities you could join. Obviously we remind you to join our Club “MondoXbox Official“!.

The new card β€œGroups and chats”, Instead, combines the Groups, messages and invitations to play in one place, thus making it easier to communicate with all Live players.

In the “Profile and system“, identified by your player image, you will find instead both the settings that were already present in the Profile tab, and the System settings; the old” System “tab has in fact been removed.

Finally, a very useful feature has been added: the possibility of change the order of the tabs via the “Customize the Panel tabs“in the” Profile and system “tab. Not all players have the same needs: there are those who interact more with friends, those who often watch the Goals and those who make great use of direct and screenshots: this will allow you to sort the cards by the ones you use the most.

Community area improved

The Community page of the Dashboard has been improved to make who shared the various contents more evident and to facilitate the exploration of all that Xbox Live has to offer. The page is now divided into four sections:

  • Shares of friends
  • Official posts from the games
  • Club Activities
  • Popular on Xbox Live

Additional filters in game collections

Now you can filter game collections (installed games, Game Pass library, etc.) in “My games and apps” also for Gender is Number of players.

Mixer experience improvements

The page dedicated to Mixer has been improved with the introduction of “animated thumbnails” which allow you to have a preview look at the various programs before opening them.

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