Xbox is destroying PlayStation on the subscription service front, according to Business Insider –


According to a recent article by Ben Gilbert for Business Insider, Xbox would literally be destroying PlayStation on the subscription services front. The bombastic affirmation is told through the numbers of the two ecosystems, which actually on this front all lean in favor of that of Microsoft.

According to Gilbert, the comparison is merciless, if we consider that Sony has sold more than one hundred million PS4 but only has 2.2 million subscribers to PlayStation Now, while Microsoft with around half of consoles sold has more than 10 million subscribers Xbox Game Pass. According to Gilbert, these are important metrics to determine the probability of success in becoming the Netflix of video games.

Microsoft has deliberately started to ignore the consoles sold, targeting subscription services such as the Game Pass. As long as you pay for his services, Microsft doesn’t care if you do it on Xbox, PC or smartphone.

From this point of view Microsoft would be almost completely disinterested in console war with Sony and would fear more competitors such as Amazon and Google, both equipped with much more performing infrastructures and suitable for what will be the services for future gamers.

Note that the article was taken over by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, who took advantage of it for to thank all those who have allowed Microsoft and Xbox to achieve this, that is, subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass.

Beyond the exasperations, the truth is that many hope that Sony will wake up to its subscription services, so as not to lag behind in what appears increasingly as a key sector for the future of the video game industry.

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