Xbox Game Pass, new surprise game coming soon: announcement imminent!


In full ferment from next gen, the news from Microsoft also continue on the front of the catalog update Xbox Game Pass, service now the protagonist of an almost constant evolution.

With close frequency, new games are in fact added to the pages of the virtual catalog, while others abandon them. In this context, it seems that very soon subscribed players will be able to celebrate another new entry. This is confirmed by the official Twitter account of the Xbox Game Pass, through the twitter that you can find directly at the bottom of this news. The message shared with the public, however short, is somewhat unequivocal: “There is not a bad game as we arrive, we could tell you more about it Tuesday“.

No other clues have been offered to users, but the wait anyway will not be long. It is not clear what the will be announcement mode, but, at this point, a recent communication from Microsoft could be viewed in a new light. Just on the day of Tuesday 26 MayPhil Spencer will be a guest on Reggie Fils-Aimé’s podcast, former President of Nintendo America. The green cross team has already announced that during the appointment a “surprise“, on which no clues have been offered: could it be precisely the mysterious new entry in the Xbox Game Pass catalog?

Waiting to find out, we remind you that there are many new games that arrived in May on the Xbox Game Pass.

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