Xbox and Windows NT 3.5: source codes stolen


The source code of the Xbox original includes the kernel of his operating system, a customized version for the purposes of the console Windows 2000, with support for DirectX 8. There are confirmations that the Xbox operating system leaked on the network is authentic: online since the beginning of the month. The stolen material also includes the Xbox Development Kit, the emulators used for internal tests and documentation.

Microsoft, which confirmed the loss of data to The Verge, is quick to point out that emulator programmers were already in possession of this material and that therefore there will be no increase in emulators of the original Xbox or other similar homebrew efforts.

Several emulators of the original Xbox are already in circulation, such as CXBX, XQEMU and CXBX Reloaded, but fail to emulate the console kernel. Without the source code a very difficult operation: Microsoft does it, compared to the Xbox and Xbox 360 games, but only on Xbox One, while this support has not been extended to Windows 10 so far.

In addition to the material on the Xbox, the code of an almost definitive version of Windows NT 3.5. The source code includes all the necessary compilation tools and should allow fans to explore the old operating system in depth. Since Windows NT 3.5 support ended in December 2001, the operating system is used on a small number of PCs: therefore, the leakage of its source code is not a significant problem.

Microsoft has always been very protective of the source code of its Xbox and Windows systems. Despite this, over the years there have also been quite important leaks. Part of the source code of Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4 was published in 2004, and the same happened to Windows 10 in 2017.



Along with the news of the code theft, the announcement arrives that the online services of the original Xbox will be restored, obviously by a group outside of Microsoft. They will be called Insignia and in the autumn of 2020 they will start hosting the first functioning games. The first Xbox is an iconic game machine and there are still many fans who use it and take it as a reference point.

Microsoft has discontinued Xbox Live support for Xbox, and therefore impossible to play online in the current state of things. Insignia managers also uploaded a videos on YouTube with which they show how it is possible to create an account for the new service, which has been privately under development since last year. It appears that a private beta will be launched shortly.

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