Wrong precompiled model 730? Here’s how to undo and correct errors


Model 730 precompiled wrong, from May 25, 2020 you can undo the tax return sent.

Who has noticed that he has committed mistakes in compilation of 730, or having forgotten to enter one or more deductible expenses, can take advantage of the possibility of making a cancellation and a new transmission.

To the taxpayer who chooses the do-it-yourself is granted one chance of cancel and correct the pre-filled 2020 model 730, and within a specific deadline, set on 22 June.

Wrong precompiled model 730? Here’s how to fix the mistakes

The date of May 25, 2020 is one of the important ones for those who choose to rely on precompiled model 730. It has been possible since Monday cancel the tax return sent, correct the errors and make a new electronic transmission to the Revenue Agency.

The cancellation of the pre-filled form 730 already sent is possible only once, and by the deadline of June 22, 2020.

The procedure to be followed is illustrated point by point by the Revenue Agency, and in the following lines we will see the steps to follow.

How to cancel the precompiled model 730 sent with errors

On the site dedicated to the precompiled 730/2020 model, the Revenue Agency explains how to cancel the tax return sent with errors.

The cancellation can be made through the section called Declaration sentby clicking on the item Cancel 730 sent.

The protocol number of the declaration and the F24 form will be displayed, if taxes are due. Among the data to be entered for cancel the 730 there is the PIN code, which however must not be entered by SPID or INPS users but only by those who use Fisconline credentials.

Form 730 already sent to the Revenue Agency can be canceled only when the receipt reports the status Drafted. Cancellation, remember, involves the total cancellation of the data indicated by the taxpayer in the tax return, and no submission will be sent to the Revenue Agency. The F24 form elaborated on the basis of the final result of the declaration will also be canceled.

We will therefore have to proceed with one new compilation of model 730, within which the information already pre-filled by the Revenue will in any case remain.

Wrong model 730, cancellation until 22 June. Shipping by September 30th

There is time until 22 June 2020 to cancel the wrong 730 model. Cancellation that, remember, can be done online only once.

The model 730 canceled it will therefore not be sent, and you must remember to make a new transmission within the deadline of 30 September 2020.

What if you realize that you have made a mistake again, or that you have not indicated any data or expenses? In this case, it will be mandatory to go to a CAF or professional to send the supplementary 730 or the Corrective Income model.

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