worried users, the news shocked them


car taxThe car tax and the Rai license they will not be abolished during 2020, this is a summary of the news that has literally shocked many consumers who, according to what they had read on the net, were preparing to save a lot on the payment of taxes during 2020.

The fake news unfortunately they are always lurking on the net, for this reason our advice is to to verify always carefully what you read, in order to avoid believing in eventualities that turn out to be holes in the water. This is the case of the phantom abolition stamp duty and Rai fee, the two taxes most hated by Italians.

It was early 2020 when one appeared on the net news which at first glance had just the incredible, the government was discussing the possible abolition starting from the current year. The echo on the web, as you can safely imagine, was incredible; many have actually believed in such an eventuality, spreading it far and wide.

Too bad it soon turned out to be a complete one fake news, no one has ever advanced such a hypothesis or even a distant eventuality.

Car stamp and Rai fee: fake news has struck again

The motivation is very simple and partly shareable, the Government cannot absolutely afford to “lose” 7.5 billion of euros of fixed annual revenues, especially in a period of great deficit like the current one.

In a world where there is fear of an increase in VAT or an Asset to compensate for the huge outlays, even just thinking about a reduction in taxes, it is pure utopia.

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