Worldwide over 350 thousand coronavirus deaths. Boom in Brazil, the US under 700 for the third day – Europe


Coronavirus-related deaths worldwide have exceeded 350,000 (350,423), according to data from the American university Johns Hopkins. The total cases are almost 5.6 million (5,588,400).

The three most affected countries are the United States, with 98,902 deaths, the United Kingdom with 37,130 and Italy with 32,955. The number of infections in the USA is over 1.68 million, in Brazil around 392 thousand and in Russia over 362 thousand.

LATIN AMERICA – New leap forward of the pandemic in Latin America, where the contagions increased yesterday by 32,000 units, reaching 798,553. And the deaths also recorded a strong increase, reaching 43,304 (+1,900). This is what emerges from a statistical processing carried out by ANSA on data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. The Brazil, the second most affected country in the world after the United States, brings together almost half of the infections (391,222) and well over half of the dead (24,512). Follow on Peru (129.751 and 3.788) and the Chile (77.961 and 806). As for the countries with more than 5,000 infections, we report the Mexican bo (74.560 and 8.134), theecuador (37.656 and 3.221), the Colombia (23.003 and 776), the Dominican Republica (15,264 and 468), theArgentina (13.228 and 490), Panama (11.183 and 310), and the Bolivia (6,660 and 261).

UNITED STATES – For the third consecutive day, the United States recorded less than 700 deaths per day for Covid-19, according to the Johns Hopkins University count: 657 people died in 24 hours in the country, for a total of 98,902 deaths. The total cases of contagion in the US are currently 1,680,680.

RUSSIA – All Moscow residents can now carry out the test for the detection of coronavirus antibodies free of charge in 30 polyclinics in the capital. Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova said so. “All Muscovites can take the free test for antibodies, immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G, against coronavirus infection,” he said. The test allows you to find out both the ongoing asymptomatic infection and whether it has been addressed in the past. Tass reports it.

BRAZIL – There are 1,039 victims registered in the last 24 hours in Brazil, which raise the total budget to 24,512. This was revealed by the Ministry of Health. There are 16,324 new infections, for a total of 391,222.

PERU’ – The Peru Ministry of Health announced that 5,772 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed yesterday, the highest number since the ‘zero’ patient was located in early March. The newspaper La Republica, specifying that the total infections are now 129,751, recalls that the previous record of cases (4,749) had been recorded on May 21 last. Second behind Brazil in the statistics regarding the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, Peru must also deal with a very high number of deaths which, with 159 yesterday, reached 3,788. The Peruvian capital, Lima, is the locality with the highest number of infections (80,882), while the least affected area is the Apurímac department in the south, with just 146 cases.

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