Work, Carlo Bonomi: this policy risks doing more damage than Covid


“I’m not looking for controversy, I’m not against a priori – he says in an interview with Republic. I am trying to put everyone in front of reality: in the autumn many companies will not reopen, others will have to downsize. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, what will happen to the orders, orders, suppliers. “On the million layoffs proposed in the past few days, he clarifies:” I said what everyone who goes to the company to work every morning knows. The government blocked layoffs until August. But work, jobs, are not managed and created by decree. We need a strategy, a vision, an idea of ​​which country we want to build “.

“We must stop looking exclusively at the electoral dividend – continues Bonomi -. The governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco said it very well. We must focus on growth: for twenty-five years our country has lost productivity, increasingly moving away from competitors And growth also depends on where resources are allocated: for decades, current expenditure (the electoral dividend) has increased at the expense of investments in infrastructure, health, innovation and research, in policies for environmental and social sustainability , in active employment policies rather than drowning them in citizenship income or navigators. “

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