Women victims of violence: access to the emergency room increased in the lockdown. And for those who do good, it was not easy to help – La Stampa


Telephoned in secret. Or they wrote emails like bottled messages. Before their torturers returned from the hour of shopping, they got back to the center of their lives, and had them: body and soul. With Italy sealed at home, brutality has no longer had an alibi. And the province is no exception. The anti-violence centers in the Cuneo area say so: access to the emergency room and new cases of abused women have increased. It was not easy for those who do good to help: with the courts closed, the victims at home with their executioners, and the silence that kills inside.

«They told us about the beating. And there you hear everything: he broke my cheekbone, punched me in the face, spat on me »are the images that the volunteers of” Mai più sole “by Savigliano gather. They know well what women don’t say. They suffer: do as I order you, you can’t, you won’t leave me, if you do I’ll kill you. They call it jealousy. Instead it is only a backwash: toxic, primitive, sick. These men learned it from their mothers: true love is letting go.

For these women, on the other hand, getting out is not easy: the boss husband also has a wallet, he uses his children as blackmail. And not all of them make it. But there is always a day later. Adonella Fiorito assists every year, together with the other volunteers of “Mai più sole”, two hundred women: “We have a group of lawyers, psychologists, professionals who know how to even practically support the exit from the tunnel of violence”. In the middle there is the buffer solution of the shelter houses: in the Cuneo area there are six. They are called secret beds: they are intended for women who feel life threatening. At the time of the lockdown they were all busy. One belongs to the Ear of Venus of Mondovì: in 2019 he rescued one hundred women. In 32, half Italian, they were assisted for a shorter or longer period. Some needed the support of a psychologist and a lawyer, eight were welcomed to the special reception house for several months. You are with your children, all minors. For those who still suffer there is a first step. A number. Guarantees the right words of listening, comfort and anonymity: 1522.

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