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Esselunga found herself forced to hastily withdraw the food batch of a suspect frozen soup from her supermarkets. In particular it is the soup with legumes and cereals produced for the large chain by Zerbinati Srl which could contain a very dangerous toxin. The bacterium in question is the botulinum which in humans is capable of serious consequences, sometimes even fatal. Esselunga collected the product by informing customers to immediately bring it back to their store.

For any information you can contact the well-known supermarket company at toll free number 800-666555. The lot in question is number 20-113 with a deadline of May 20, 2020, packaged on April 22 and picked up just one day before the deadline. A timing that is of some concern but which however was put in place immediately after receiving notification from the health authorities.

What is botulinum and why it manages to survive in frozen foods.

Botulinum is a toxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium that lives in the absence of oxygen and is able to resist externally for a long period. It seems that it is very capable of surviving in vegetable preparations rather than those of animal origin and in man-cause paralysis. It is precisely these indications that led the health authorities to contact Esselunga after a person ended up in hospital for intoxication.

A series of control analyzes on the batch are currently underway to confirm that the botulinum thesis in cereal soup is correct. The botulinum also causes a whole series of symptoms that could make one think of having come into contact with the bacterium. Among them, the most common is the neural paralysis with blurred vision, difficulty in facial expressions, difficulty in swallowing, dry mouth and muscle weakness. The cure consists in the administration of an antitoxin that blocks the bacterium even if the recovery is very slow and if taken late it can end fatally.

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