With Audi Value the first 3 months of rental are free


ALL INCLUSIVE – The Italian car market almost zeroed in March and April, and May will also be far from normal. To restart, sales need stimulation and this is why some car manufacturers are focusing on purchase formulas considered beneficial for customers, at least in this period of uncertainty and economic difficulty. An example comes fromAudi, which offers the first three monthly installments for those who sign up for a new one rental long term: by signing a contract of at least 36 months, you start to pay from the fourth. The program, known as Audi Value rental and designed for private individuals, includes stamp duty, RCA insurance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, registration costs, roadside assistance and tire change; in addition, by choosing the car in some fittings, the Audi Connect digital services are also included, through which it is possible to control some car functions from the smartphone.

SOME EXAMPLES – For example, choosing the economy car Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 TFSI of 116 HP, with the second level equipment Admired and the S tronic robotic gearbox, the German company offers 5,248 euros in advance and installments of 239 euros for 36 months (the customer can customize the advance and the amount of the installment). The SUV compacted Q2 1.5 TFSI 150 HP, in the Admired version, is offered at 279 euros per month and with 7,674 euros in advance, while the wagon A4 Avant The 163 HP 2.0 TDI, in the Business Advanced version and with the S tronic transmission, can be hired by anticipating 11,313 euros and paying 399 euros per month.

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