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Some have been able to say no to men of Luca Palamara. Among the hundreds of interceptions on the red robes, the one of the “progressive” magistrate of Bologna also emerges Mimmo Truppa, who had approached the former head of the ANM and a member of the CSM because he wanted to meet Neri Marcorè. The actor was in town with his show Penalty kick tango and Truppa wrote to Palamara: “Hi Luca, I tried to send a message to Neri Marcorè and he didn’t answer me. Do you know him? Can I call him?”. “Yes, call him for sure, you tell him about me and the national magistrates”, the boss replies immediately Unicost as reported by The truth.

Also Sergio Sottani, attorney general in Ancona, participates in the siege and writes in Palamara: “For the conference at the Riccione tournament Mimmo looked for Marcorè at the number you gave us but he never answered. Do you have any advice on this? Have a good day”. And Palamara, after a few days, wrote in person to the actor: “Dear Neri, my fellow judges from Bologna wanted to get in touch to invite you to an event. Can I give him your address? Best wishes and I hope to see you soon”. Marcorè replies politely: “Dear Luca, give him the email and if I can gladly: see you soon, I hope too, shoes or not”. At the end the meeting in Riccione jumps: “Today I met Neri Marcorè, thanks for the invitation but unfortunately he cannot be in Riccione for commitments that he had already taken”, Palamara tells Truppa. Sometimes it happens.

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