Wine tastings are also done remotely with Microsoft Teams


How we organize a wine tasting remotely? What appears to be an eminently physical experience and which requires the presence of the person on the spot has actually turned into a digital event. Comes fromItaly – and more precisely from the Valle dei Laghi, in Trentino – a use of Microsoft Teams particularly unusual: Toblino winery, wine producer, chose it to lead one remote tasting of new wines. A novelty that, however, fits in the wake of the ever greater digitization of our lives and will probably be part of the “new normal” that will follow the ongoing epidemic.

Toblino winery, Microsoft Teams and digital wine tasting

As part of the Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart initiatives, Microsoft is collaborating with several SMEs to accelerate their digital transformation. Among these there is also Cantina Toblino, which has collaborated with Microsoft (and the system integrator It-Net) to allow you to organize a wine tasting remotely.
The event was managed using Microsoft Teams, with the connection of selected customers and international opinion leaders. The bottles of the chosen wines had been sent to all the people involved and the experts of Cantina Toblino were able to guide the tasting using the calling and sharing skills of Teams material.
Carlo De Biasi, general manager of Cantina Toblino, stated that “Covid-19 forced us to change our approach with customers and suppliers, strengthening the use of technology. We had already embarked on a digital transformation path by adopting the Microsoft 365 cloud productivity platform, but the constraints imposed by the emergency and the desire not to stop us have pushed us to do more. By leveraging the tools for the collaboration of Microsoft Teams and thanks to the advice of Si-Net we have overcome the impasse of the pandemic, inaugurating new ways of interacting and designing services innovative, such as our first virtual food and wine tasting on an international scale, which, given today’s success, we hope to be able to replicate often. Microsoft’s cloud has allowed us to put professionals and opinion leaders from around the world in contact in a simple and immediate way, giving us the opportunity to digitally present a tangible product like wine and making live a new experience as if were physically in the vineyards. Microsoft Teams is proving useful both in operational and strategic contexts and also saves time and economic-financial resources for other purposes. “

A lasting change: what events will look like in the future

This news comes a few days after a reflection that involved the members of the editorial staff of Hardware Upgrade on how this pandemic will change our lives regarding the participation in various events in person, from conferences to business appointments, up to tastings such as those proposed by Cantina Toblino. In the editorial, the idea, expressed unanimously, is the one that events like this will increasingly be the norm and “physical” ones will instead be restricted to special and special occasions where it is not really possible to do without physical presence or, on the other hand, where what we are looking for is physicality as a differentiating element.
This is because the health emergency has shown how many activities can be carried out remotely with less stress, effort and expense for all parties involved. It is, in practice, more comfortable and convenient for everyone. For this reason, activities in physical presence will probably represent an occasion in which you actively choose to be present and not an obligation. A fact that, perhaps, will give them more depth and make them more pleasant – whether to taste wines in a particular context or simply to find themselves. But in any case, that of Cantina Toblino is an initiative that in all likelihood there will not be one unique.

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