Windtre, TIM, and Vodafone tremble in front of this network


With the aim of offering an internet connection to the entire population, a service now essential in this era of technological development, the company Put, in collaboration with the MiBACT, has developed a project plan to make this idea, already started in 2016, a reality, precisely developing a strategy in the form of social and cultural promotion.

This project, born in 2016, started following the earthquake that took place in Amatrice with the name of Piazza Italia WiFiobviously the goal was to offer an internet connection to the earthquake victims who, given the situation, certainly could not use the home ADSL.

So here the companies at stake had generously decided to offer one free connection to all, with later, thanks to an increase in available funds, the participation of 138 countries to the initiative.

The initiative is developing thanks to Poste Italiane

Apparently this initiative is taking on national characters, in fact now the goal of installing a network capable of covering the whole soil of our peninsula persists.

Obviously, a project of this magnitude requires numerous steps to follow and respect and to run to the rescue comes Italian Post, which in an agreement signed with the State, has made available to the realization of this idea all its hotspots already installed in the area.

This translates into practical action in the presence of a massive number of connection points already linked to the post offices on Italian territory, now all that remains is to fill the remaining part of the territory with new installations.

All that remains is to wait for developments, with the strong hope that this imposing idea will soon become reality

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