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WindTre offers to some of its already selected customers the possibility of activating bundles of Giga of internet traffic to be added to your tariff offer. In some cases these offers provide for automatic renewal, in others for a temporary duration.

As indicated in the WINDTRE Customer Base offer portfolio of 19 May 2020, these ad personam offers are called: Minuti per Te, Giga per Te, Giga Flash and 100 Giga Max. There is no activation fee for the versions with monthly renewal.

Here are some examples: Unlimited minutes of voice traffic at 5 euros per month, 3 Giga of internet traffic at 4 euros per month, 6 Giga of internet traffic at 6 euros per month, 10 Giga of internet traffic at 7 euros per month, 30 Giga of internet traffic for 9.99 euros per month e 60 Giga of internet traffic at 14.99 euros per month. These listed offers add a voice and / or gig bundle to the already active offer.

Furthermore, for the offers “Giga Flash“, Which respond to a potential contiguous need (example: data bundle out or running out), the WINDTRE customer receives an SMS and in some cases even a notification on the WINDTRE App, informing him of the presence of a promotion dedicated to him and inviting him to activate it by going to a shop, or, alternatively, by replying to the SMS or on the App.

The customer will have the possibility to activate the “Flash” offers only for a few days (usually 3 days).

Here is an example SMS sent: “Dear customer, WINDTRE has reserved a special promo for you: 5 EXTRA GIGA to be used in 30 days for only 4 euros, to be even closer! Activate 5 GIGA xTE Special now, just reply EXTRA 5 to this SMS. The offer expires in 3 days and at the end of 30 days it will automatically deactivate“.

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Here are the offers of the Giga Flash range: 3 Giga xTe Special a 2 euros; 4 Giga xTe Special a 3 euros per month; 5 Giga xTe Special for 4 euros (as shown in the example text message), 10 Giga xTe Special for 5 euros; 20 Giga xTe Special for 10 euros.

The names of the offers listed may also vary. As said, most of these latest offers “Flash”Do not provide for automatic renewal.

It is not excluded that there are also versions with automatic renewal. In this case, the customer can still book, at any time, the deactivation of the automatic renewal.


From 22 May 2020, for some selected WINDTRE customers who remained in the systems of the former brand 3, there are: 8 Giga for you at 3.99 euros per month, 15 Giga for you at 5.99 euros per month, 30 Giga for you at 7.99 euros per month and 100 Giga for you at 14.99 euros per month.

The offers include the automatic renewal every month with debit on residual credit or on the payment method already in use. The activation, free of charge, will only be possible by already target customers.

If you choose to debit your credit card or checking account, the activation day will correspond to the fixed date of renewal of the thresholds, while the debit will take place at the same time as the debit date of the main option. In case of renewal on residual credit, however, the day of the first charge on a monthly basis will correspond to the fixed renewal date.

In the versions present in the WINDTRE systems (formerly WIND brand), these offers are charged only on residual credit. In the latter case, if the residual credit is insufficient to pay the full amount of the option to be activated, the conditions of “charging late“.

As already told, from 2 December 2019 for former brand customers Wind and consequently also for new customers WINDTRE, in case of insufficient credit for the activation and renewal of the options active on the SIM, with the exception of the costs related to roaming offers, yes continue to use included traffic in its offer for a calendar day until 11.59pm, at a cost of 99 euro cents.

If the credit is still insufficient the following day, the traffic included will be available again for a further 2 days at a further cost of 99 euro cents.

The advance traffic mechanism of WINDTRE therefore provides a maximum cost of 1.98 euros which will be charged in the useful first refill, in addition to the offer renewal or activation cost.

At the end of the days when the included traffic is made available in advance, if the credit is still insufficient, the SIM will remain active in receiving or making emergency calls.


Exceeded the GIGA included, the customer WINDTRE will continue to navigate according to the conditions of use of the data provided by the main offer where this provides for browsing at reduced speed up to a maximum of 128 Kbps or 1 Giga extra per day at 99 euro cents only in case of daily use.

Data traffic beyond the threshold, in the case of WINDTRE customers present in the systems of the former brand 3, it is instead charged at 20 euro cents for every 20MB without opening session fee and with advance pricing, cannot be used in seperate sessions and is charged on the standard SIM credit.

Pursuant to European Regulation 2016/2286, the use of the volume of data, under the same national conditions, is allowed up to a maximum quantity in the reference month, which can be consulted in the section of the site dedicated according to your monthly expenditure.

Giga xTE is not compatible with other Giga xTe, Personal GIGA (downgrade), Voice and Internet offers (option of the former Wind brand that can no longer be activated for years), Noi Tutti Special Edition, Tourist Pass and Wind Kids. Minuti xTe is not compatible with other Personal US.

The options of the former brand 3 can only be activated on the Power 10, Power 15, Power 29 and 3 Basic tariff plans. Furthermore, all the options that have unlimited GIGA or that add further data thresholds to the main offer, GIGA Music, Super Internet, Pupillo, GIGA Boom, Ricarica Mia & Tua, Free Time, Navigate 3, Voice & Video, People are also incompatible with FREE. of 3 Activation Offer, Surf for Free, Double the Top-up and Europe Pass. Activation involves deactivating incompatible offers that may already be active in consistency.

These additional data bundles are consumed after any bundle already active on the customer’s SIM. In the additional voice bundle, in the presence of other offers with voice traffic included, the bonus will have priority. It is possible to take advantage of the voice and / or data bundle of any WINDTRE tariff offer if you have residual credit on the SIM.

In the range Flash it is also present 100 Giga Max for 9.99 euros one-off. The latter offers 100 Giga of mobile internet traffic to be used within 2 months of activation, with the activation cost of 9.99 euros charged on residual credit; it is automatically deactivated at the end of the validity period.

It is an ad personam promotion and the selected customer will have the opportunity to activate it only for a few days (usually 3 days). Sometimes the same offer is repeated for another 3 days.

WINDTRE also offers other ad personam initiatives for its customers such as the possibility of adding 100 Giga of data traffic to its offer, free or paid, with various one-off promotions valid for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or 1 month.

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