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WINDTRE, since the launch of the new unique brand, offers its already mobile network customers still active with offers from ex-brands Wind is 3 Italy the chance to get Unlimited giga through the convergence with the landline with the dedicated offer MY Super Fiber, which recently has lowered the maximum price customized that can be proposed.

Indeed, starting from 19 May 2020, has changed the maximum price price that can be offered to already target customers for personalized offers of the MIA Super Fibra range.

As well as other customized offers for existing customers of MIA range network, even the MIA Super Fibra fixed network offers provide variable prices, which change according to the customer.

Previously, the maximum price for the MIA Super Fibra range was 29.98 euros per month, price that as told from April 21, 2020 already includes the monthly installments of the included modem.

However, the new maximum price which can be offered to already ex Wind brand customers and 3 is equal to 27.98 euros per month.

These new conditions for MIA Super Fibra will be valid until June 16, 2020, subject to changes, and in this way the price will go from one minimum of 22.98 euros per month (€ 16.99 fee plus € 5.99 per month for 48 months), up to a maximum rent of € 27.98 per month (€ 21.99 fee plus € 5.99 per month for 48 months).

In any case, they can still be proposed also intermediate monthly prices, such as € 24.98 or € 25.98.

As said, these personalized offers are mainly addressed to already WINDTRE customers with SIM active with offers from the former Wind and 3 Italia brands no longer on the market since 16 March 2020, while already mobile network customers with the new WINDTRE offers from 16 March 2020 can always get the discounted cost of 25.98 euros per month and unlimited Giga.

Target customers for MIA Super Fibra are usually invited to go to the WINDTRE points of sale to take advantage of a discounted price on the fixed in case of convergence and gods Unlimited giga.

In this regard, at the same time as the introduction of the novelty just mentioned, one also started new SMS campaign for existing mobile network customers involved. here is the message text inviting you to visit WINDTRE stores:

Discover the Windtre Top Quality Network! Super Fibra starting from € 22.98 per month, Modem and activation included! We are waiting for you with an offer dedicated to you in Windtre stores, as an unlimited GIGA gift on Smartphone!

If you do not receive any messages, since the range MIA Super Fibra by WINDTRE is dedicated to all existing mobile network customers still active with ex Wind and ex 3 offers, without distinction, it will still be possible to ask the shopkeeper for check for the promotion dedicated for the convergence activation of the fixed network.

The personalized price of MIA Super Fibra it will remain valid as long as the campaign mobile offer remains active. Consequently, in the event of deactivation or variation of the offer mobile network associated, the discount will be disabled and the fixed fee will return to the overall standard price of 31.99 euros per month (33.98 euros per month in case of ADSL Internet7).

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To obtain the personalized discounted cost, the fixed line must necessarily be headed to the same SIM holder with an offer ex Wind or ex 3 mobile network to which the MIA offer is associated.

In this way, activating the convergence MIA Super Fiber offer will therefore also be obtained Unlimited gigs on your mobile network number with old ex Wind or ex 3 Italia offer on which the proposal was received.

Furthermore, it will then be possible pair a maximum of 2 other SIM cards WINDTRE, also with him same holder of the fixed line, to get even on these Unlimited giga for data navigation on the new single network.

THE Unlimited giga on the new SIM activated in convergence can be obtained with all plans of the new WINDTRE portfolio (Unlimited Special, XLarge, Large, Medium, Senior, Young, Junior and Call Your Country). The activation will also be valid on the old All Inclusive offers, Call Your Country Super and Wind Smart. The activation must be finalized by app or from the customer area.

Unlimited Giga will not contribute to increasing the data bundle available in EU roaming on domestic terms.

Furthermore, the other option for convergence is always available, namely the offer dedicated to fixed network customers called Unlimited Special, thanks to which it same holder of the fixed in this case, it can activate up to 2 other SIMs in convergence, each at special price of 9.99 euros per month with unlimited minutes, 200 unlimited SMS and Giga.

It should be noted that both the advantage of Unlimited Giga and that related to SIM with Unlimited Special can always be activated for one maximum total of three numbers with unlimited Giga (therefore, for example, a maximum of 2 numbers with unlimited Giga option and a SIM with Unlimited Special).

Super Fiber MIA

In general, the fixed network MIA offer includes Internet unlimited in ADSL, Mixed Copper Fiber FTTC (also Bitstream NGA) or Fiber FTTH (by Open Fiber or also on Fastweb network) up to 1000 Mbps, calls on consumption and modem for sale combined with 5.99 euros more per month for 48 months (already included in the final cost).

The calls basic are charged Consumption at 0 euro cents a minute with one connection fee of 23 euro cents to all national fixed and mobile numbers and to Western Europe, USA and CANADA landlines.

The additional option can be activated Voice Unlimited to get the unlimited calls, at the cost of 3 euros more per month.

On the WINDTRE website there is still an indication relating to In sight, the service that allows you to view the number of the caller, which has a cost of 2 euros more per month, VAT included only if you choose to activate it.

The modem WINDTRE is included in the sale combined with rate (at 5.99 euros each) and provides for a 48-month bond. In the event of early termination from WINDTRE fixed network offers, this is foreseen only the payment of the remaining installments (the final installment is not foreseen). You can also choose to install the cost of the modem in installments 24 monthly installments of 11.98 euros.

The only modem included in WINDTRE offers is Zyxel VMG8825-B, hitherto referred to Home & Life Hub but from March 16, 2020 too WINDTRE Hub.

For subscriptions made starting from 23 March 2020 there is no longer any activation cost on WINDTRE fixed network offers. So in case of early withdrawal, only the costs due in the event of migration or termination of the line (cost equal to one month’s rent) or the residual rate of the modem on combined sale of the modem for 48 months (if included in the offer).

The renewals of all WINDTRE offers occur every calendar month while the invoices will be issued every month: the invoice is in fact issued monthly in advance.

The cost of sending invoices via site or email is free, while if you choose sending on paper, this has a cost of 2 euros for each bill sent. If you disable the call detail attached to the telephone account, which has a cost of 60 euro cents per consignment, there will be no additional extra fixed costs.

Remember that, as already told, to some already customers of the WINDTRE mobile network (also former Wind and 3 brands) it may be offered online the offer Super Fibra Unlimited CB to discounted price but in this case also with unlimited calls included. This promotion is also proposed through an advertising campaign and those who have not received a personal communication can check whether they have been selected through “check the available speed“. Before proceeding with the activation of the contract, it is advisable to read all the details and if the price initially proposed changes.

Finally, it should be noted that in the WINDTRE stores activation of the standard fixed network offer may be proposed to all but to same prices and conditions available online, currently a 26.98 euros per month with unlimited calls.

This possibility will still be valid until 1 June 2020, barring changes, and the shopkeeper will only have to enter the promotional code “Promoweb” to apply the discounts provided by the online offer.

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