WindTre is the fastest operator, TIM and Vodafone give way


Giuseppe Tripodi

The new Opensignal report says so, which highlights how the merger of the two operators has brought great results for customers.
Opensignal, a famous analysis company specialized in monitoring mobile networks, has published its latest report on the situation in Italy, which shows important news for WindTre. The document is based on over 2 billion of measurements, performed on over 800 thousand devices in the period from 1 February to 30 April 2020.

What transpires immediately from the report is that in Italy the situation has changed: for years there has been a substantial dominance of TIM and Vodafone, universally considered the best operators in terms of user experience. However, now the “newcomer” WindTre has overturned the results, winning the first place in several important categories.

Firstly, WindTre is now in first place for download speed: with its average 25.4 Mbps, it also detaches the other operators by a few points (which in any case exceed all 20 Mbps). It is interesting to note that Vodafone, which has been at the top of the rankings for a long time, is now last.

Also in terms of upload speed, the situation is very similar: WindTre in first place with 9.1 Mbps, followed by TIM (8.0 Mbps), Iliad (7.2 Mbps) and lastly Vodafone (7.0 Mbps).

On the other hand, Vodafone continues to triumph in terms of 4G signal availability: the users of the red opener, in fact, are connected to LTE networks 92.2% of the time. WindTre (91.4%), TIM (90.1%) and Iliad (88.7%) follow in this ranking.

As for the coverage of the 4G signal, however, Vodafone draws with WindTre (both a score of 9.2). TIM is just below (9.1), while Iliad is in last place (7.7).

In addition, Vodafone maintains the first place in terms of gaming experience with a score of 75.5: in second place TIM with 75.8 and, further down, WindTre (69) and Iliad (68.3). Also in terms of user experience with voice appp (i.e. calls on WhatsApp, Skype and the like) the red operator remains in first place, but barely detaches the others.

Finally, TIM excels only from experience with streaming video, but a parimerito with WindTre.

For more details on this Opensignal report, you can take a look at all the graphs in the gallery below, but also at the full OpenSignal report, where you will also find graphs related to the individual cities of Italy.

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