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WINDTRE is also proposing in the month of May 2020, to some of his already customers, a promotion through SMS campaign that allows you to get 100 Giga more at the cost of 7.99 euros lump sum.

Below the message text sent in the last hours to some WINDTRE customers:

You are entitled to this OFFER of the month: 100 GIGA for 30 days at 7.99 euros to thank you for choosing WINDTRE. Reply to this SMS MAY within 24 May 2020 to activate. After 30 days the offer will automatically deactivate. Let’s get closer!

To activate the promotion proposed by the operator, it will therefore be necessary answer to the SMS by writing “MAY”, in this case until May 24, 2020, unless extended.

In detail, this is the promo called 100 Giga xTe Special, which at the cost of 7.99 euros one-off adds 100GB of mobile internet data traffic valid for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days the promotion will disable automatically.

100 Giga xTE Special has consumption priority compared to the main offer or other active data options.

In addition to the current SMS campaign for some customers, the promo in question has already been available for some months on the app, from customer service or in stores.

As already told, in the past weeks WINDTRE has offered its customers several promotions with 100 Giga additional, often also as initiatives of Digital Solidarity for the Coronavirus emergency.

It is not excluded that some of these may still be proposed in this period as it happens for the 100 Giga xTe Special.

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With this promo, in case of overcoming the Giga included, we continue browsing according to the conditions of use of the data provided by the main offer, where this provides for browsing at reduced speed up to a maximum of 128 Kbps or extra 1GB per day at 99 euro cents. In the event that the main offer provides for navigation blocking, you continue to surf at reduced speed up to a maximum of 128 Kbps.

Please note that the conditions of customers WINDTRE they are the same also for ex brand Wind customers, instead for some ex brand 3 customers they change.

In fact, for the former brand’s WINDTRE customers 3 Italy (SIM 893999) which have not yet performed any migration processes “Soft”, if the available thresholds are exceeded, the extra-threshold rate of 20 euro cents will be applied for every 20MB without opening session click.

The extra-threshold Internet traffic purchased, always charged on the remaining credit, cannot be used in separate sessions. Browsing the pages App & Store it is not included in the promotion thresholds.

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