Windows 10, what does the message ‘Your device is not ready’ mean?


Recently, several users have seen it appear on Windows 10 an icon with a question mark and a message which warns that their device is not ready. Not everyone understood what it means. Don’t worry: let’s clarify.

According also to what reported by MSPowerUser and as you can see in the screenshot at the bottom of the news, Microsoft has decided to implement a new notice relating to the release of the May Update. In fact, as we already let you know a few days ago, the rollout phase began on May 27, 2020, but not all users are receiving the update at the same time.

For this reason, the Redmond company notifies those who cannot yet upgrade through the above method. In particular, to check if you are one of the users who cannot yet install the Windows 10 May Update, just go to the path Settings> Update and security> Windows Update and see if the message involved appears. The “Find out more” button takes you to an in-depth page on the official Microsoft website.

We remind you that the versions upgradeable to May Update are those 1903 and 1909. It is not clear if Microsoft is using this message only to notify those who do not yet have one of the versions mentioned or if devices with an incompatible hardware compartment are also involved (here you find the minimum requirements).

In any case, the message accompanied by the question mark icon reads: “The Windows 10 May 2020 update is coming soon. This update is currently offered for compatible devices, but your device is not yet ready. When your device is ready, the update will be available on this page“.

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