Windows 10 May 2020 has arrived, what changes?


Microsoft has finally started the release of theWindows 10 May 2020 update yesterday 27 May. The important seasonal update brings with it many fixes to the system and some welcome news involving Cortana, Notepad, Your Phone for ARM devices, login without password and much more.

The first of the two major Windows 10 updates for 2020 is rollout and will soon reach all compatible PCs. The innovations are many and involve, in addition to the operating system itself, some of the applications pre-installed by Microsoft.

Block notes, for example, is now able to take advantage of the find / replace on the whole document regardless of the cursor position thanks to the “wrap around” check. Previously the find / replace function started its search from the pointer position and ended at the end of the file without going backwards, if you can say so. Microsoft has also finally added the support for UNIX-style line termination characters (EOL): this means that opening a document created on Linux or Mac will now display correctly and, in case of changes, Notepad will use the same original EOL system being saved. Also added in Notepad a function of rSearch for selected text on Bing and a function of zoom to enlarge the characters.

Cortana has been updated to use more natural language and now it is possible type your requests to the voice assistant instead of expressing them verbally. It is also possible disconnect the Cortana window from the Windows bar and move it on the screen to the position that is most suitable for you. The AD2P sink function eliminated in Windows 8 and linked to bluetooth operation has also been reintroduced.

This version of Windows 10 also introduces one new version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), although the GUI-related functions mentioned at the Microsoft Build conference are not yet present. Instead, there is support for DirectX 12 and the WSL kernel update (which in the meantime has become open source) directly from Windows Update.

From this latest update onwards you can decide to make your device password-less using only a pin or Window Hello features for login. There Calculator can be maintained always on top above the other windows to facilitate their use, Microsoft Edge has received improvements in memory management, Xbox Game Bar supports third party widgets and finally the DirectX 12 Ultimate which will allow developers to use features such as variable rate shading, mesh shader and ray-tracing to the delight of gamers.

The application Your phone can now make calls from the connected smartphone also from the supported ARM PC models and some small but pleasant news have been introduced in the Task Manager: it is now possible, in fact, to view the directly from the Windows 10 process manager GPU temperature and disks are correctly marked as HDD or SSD depending on the type. There system search has also been improved to impact less on CPU and storage and return more accurate results.

The update will not be sent to everyone at the same time, the dissemination will take place gradually as always, but you can manually check its availability by going to Settings> Updates and Security> Windows Update.

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