Will The Last of Us 2 arrive on PS5 and will it be free for those who own it on PS4?


As we approached briskly towards the release of The Last of Us 2, last night we were able to attend a new State of Play all focused on the new work of Naughty Dog. Before and after the broadcast, which also showed an unpublished section of gameplay, among other things, the rumor that the Sony’s next exclusive could also arrive on PlayStation 5.

This rumor began to take hold after Jeff Grubb, a well-known journalist from the VentureBeat editorial staff, published some of his considerations on his Twitter profile on what we could see at the next event dedicated to PS5. Apparently, the Sony’s next gen console presentation would be imminent and it could take place on June 3rd. On this occasion, according to Grubb, there will also be a way to return to talk about the arrival of The Last of Us 2 also on PlayStation 5.

The VentureBeat reporter goes on to say that the next event will be an opportunity for Sony to present its service to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery, and The Last of Us Part 2 will be one of the examples brought to the digital stage. With the addition of this version of Sony’s Smart Delivery, the players who already own a copy of the exclusive on PlayStation 4 to find the game on PS5 too without having to buy back the title a second time, with all the benefits of playing the new work of Naughty Dog on next gen hardware.

At the moment, however, Sony has not yet wanted to declare anything official and the possibility that next June 3 we will have good news on PlayStation 5 is still in doubt; although lately more and more reliable voices are pointing towards the first days of May for a reveal of the next generation console. What do you think of Jeff Grubb’s words? Do you believe that PS5 will also have its own version of Smart Delivery?

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