Will Square Enix with Final Fantasy 16 and Crimson Arbitrium be at the event?


In a few days Sony will offer us a look at the next generation during the PS5 game presentation event. According to the well-known journalist Schreier we will be able to see both exclusive and games developed by third parties, therefore it is not surprising that speculation has already started.

A Reddit user speculated that Square Enix could also participate in the presentation event, showing players for the first time Final Fantasy 16 and a certain Crimson Arbitrium: Agni’s Anthology. What was it based on to launch this hypothesis? Let’s go in order.

A few days ago, an alleged leaker intervened on 4Chan stating that Square Enix is ​​about to announce Final Fantasy 16 for Xbox Series X and PS5, a new chapter with a soulslike style combat system, and a new intellectual property of Luminous Studios called Crimson Arbitrium: Agni’s Anthology, described as an open world action RPG inspired by Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

We do not know how truthful there is in these claims, since they come from an unverified source. However, a Reddit user linked them to a rather interesting fact: after the announcement of the PS5 game presentation event, Ben Taylor (Technical Director of the Japanese division of Square Enix) wrote on Twitter: “You will want to connect for this”, as if it wanted to anticipate big news from the Japanese company. To make the matter even more mysterious is the fact that within an hour the tweet was canceled! That he revealed something without authorization?

That Square Enix is ​​really preparing something for the PS5 event is certainly possible, although at the moment it is really difficult to say for sure whether it is Final Fantasy 16 and Crimson Arbitrium: Agni’s Anthology or something else. We will find out in a few days: the event will air at 22:00 on Thursday 4 May and will last an hour: Everyeye, of course, will follow him live on the Twitch channel.

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