Will SCE Japan Studio reveal RaySpace?


In reconstructing all the rumors and news related to PlayStation 5 and the nextgen video games that will accompany the launch of the future Sony console, a NeoGAF user hypothesizes the announcement of the sci-fi adventure RaySpace by SCE Japan Studio.

Based on the most disparate corridor rumors that have involved the Japanese software house from PlayStation Studios, the user known as Perrott has tried to retrace these rumors back to report that, according to him, every rumor or leak seems to reinforce the hypothesis of the imminent announcement of RaySpace, a trademark registered at the beginning of 2018 by SCE Japan Studio.

According to the visitor of the well-known videogame forum, the development of this triple A science fiction project is mentioned several times in the rumors shared by Ruin4r, a “deep throat” that, in recent years, has been able to anticipate the announcement of titles such as The Last Guardian, The Last of Us and Days Gone (calling it Dead Don’t Ride to refer to the tentative name given to the title by Bend Studio under development).

For the NeoGAF user, therefore, the presentation event of the PS5 games should be the most suitable media showcase for the announcement of RaySpace by the internal development team at SCE Japan Studio directed (to want to listen to the rumors of corridor) from Tsutomu Kouno and Teruyuki Toriyama. At the bottom of the news you will find the link to the long message shared by Perrott, should you wish to try your hand at this latest hunt for leak and noise while waiting for the 22:00 on June 4th to finally attend thereveal event of PS5 games.

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