Will PS5 be the console with the best hardware architecture in history?


By now it has reached everyone’s ears: Sony has officially given us an appointment on June 4, 2020 to talk to us about the PlayStation 5. Apparently, we will be offered a welcome taste of what will be the future of video games. At the moment, we are aware of some aspects that characterize the Sony home console more internally. What we don’t know, however, are the more “external” details, such as aesthetics or price, to give an example.

Also, as it reminds us Jeff Grubb GamesBeat: “Like Xbox Series X, PS5 will be equipped with a Zen 2 CPU and an AMD Navi GPU. PS5 will also have a superfast PCIe 4.0 SSD and a worthy data transfer architecture to match. “. But to return to a more tangible dimension, we need only think that “PS5 has significantly more GPU power and a huge leap forward will be made compared to the current generation also thanks to the computational capacity of the new CPU “, adds Grubb. It didn’t end there. He always says that: “Developers and publishers continue to praise the PS5 design“, Adding that some have reported to GamesBeat that we will see the best hardware architecture of any consolethe story. Which is why it will be a joy for them to work and develop games for this platform “.

Of course, we are not entirely fasting. The DualSense, the gamepad that we will use on PS5, equipped with motorized triggers with variable resistance depending on the game context. We know that with modern technologies we will even be able to “hear” the games and soon we will take a first look at the titles available at the launch of the console. But Sony still has a lot to share with us in the coming weeks.

Who knows when we will be able to associate a face with the numerous reflections and declarations concerning PS5. As much as Sony’s real intentions are still a mystery to us, the sand of our hourglass time goes on unstoppable and considering what we have already waited for, we are getting closer to answering our questions. Sooner or later Sony will cease its silence.

Looking forward to PS5 we can still have fun with PS4. Buy it on Amazon!

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