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After a stop of over two months, the works of the yard for the installation of a Wind repeater in Castellar di Saluzzo have resumed.

At the beginning of March, in fact, the construction site had been interrupted, due to the measures for the containment of Covid-19. With the latest regulations, however, the works have been able to restart.

Concrete casting work has begun for the construction of the base on which the repeater will rest, in San Ghermi, near the watershed with the town of Revello and near “Villa Aliberti”.

The laying of a repeater for the mobile phone signal is an intervention that Castellar, but the entire Bronda Valley, has been waiting for for some time. It had been talked about on several occasions, even in meetings in view of the merger with Saluzzo.

Here, in fact, signal coverage is a not insignificant problem, especially with regard to the 3G internet network, which is essential to be able to surf the web through the use of smartphones.

The situation was unlocked in February 2019, when the municipal administration led by the mayor Mauro Calderoni and by the prosindaco Eros Demarchi had requested “Wind Tre Spa” to upgrade the mobile phone signal.

The Directors then met with the contact persons of the telephone company. The latter had said they were available to evaluate an intervention to improve the reception of the signal in the country, with a new radio station to be placed in a municipal property.

Certainly – Demarchi had told us – the merger with Saluzzo has contributed to speeding up the process and, above all, it has been essential to take our requests into consideration. We reached an agreement in two months, while before the merger we tried to make our voice heard for two years.

After inspections, also through the use of drones, negotiations, agreements and issuance of authorizations, the construction site had finally opened. Restarted today, after the forced “stop”.

A helicopter transported several cubic meters of concrete to the hills, as the mayor Demarchi explains: “Approximately three days of flight to complete the jet, for a total of about 49 cubic meters”.

The work was carried out by the “Telecommunications” company in Rivoli, with the help of the Asti Heliwest fleet. Subsequently, the installation of the truss will also be performed with the help of a helicopter. The tower will be 30 meters high.

Commissioning is expected in 60 days”, Confirms Demarchi. Which adds: “Finally we will solve the problem of mobile telephony, also covering the lower Po Valley“.

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