Will backward compatibility be added with a system software update?


There backward compatibility of PS5 is one of the hottest topics of discussion among the PlayStation community, new alleged details are now arriving: apparently backwards compatibility could be linked to an update of the console’s operating system.

It seems certain that Sony will unveil new information on the PS5 backward compatibility on June 3, with The Last Of Us Part 2 that could lead the way to remove the veils from this functionality.

But will backwards compatibility be available at launch or not? The potential doubt comes from a sentence on the official PS5 website, now removed, which read “play all supported PS4 video games thanks to a system update.

The statement in question has been removed, but the reason is unclear, it was incorrect information or does Sony want to communicate this detail at a later time? In the past Mark Cerny has repeatedly stated that PS5 will be compatible with PS4 games since launch, however the currently supported games have never been announced, there has been general talk of “thousands of PS4 titles“with test in progress for”the hundred most popular games.

We just have to wait, the PS5 presentation event seems scheduled for Wednesday 3 June… will we know more next week?

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