Why was the legendary Kinks band banned from the United States?


What is the reason why the legendary Kinks band was banned from the United States? THE Kinks have an important role in the “British Invasion“From the 1960s in America but, unlike their counterparts like i Beatles or the Who, the group led by Ray Davies it did not reach the familiar name of filling dimensions. Only on the basis of their music, i Kinks they are in fact very talented and good, especially considering that their music captured him spirit of the Great Britain which at the time was intriguing for the American public.

The show pieces of the Kinks

In addition to captivating Anglophiles, i Kinks they were also famous for their shows rock and roll. He earned the band a notorious reputation. Not because they were casinists and crazy like him Who or caused the same pandemonium as the Beatles, but off the stage the crew were a real blast. Their behavior quickly saw the group banished from the United States. THE Kinks they were a band that drank and who brought the party to every city where they lived with theirs style of life wild sometimes leaked on the stage.

The clash between the members

One of these occasions, in May of 1965, saw a clash on stage taking place between Ray, Dave Davies and the drummer Mick Avory. This bitter struggle has left Davies to the hospital and took Avory to prison. It was part of a long series of mischief that the various members made of each other. The tour of that time was really chaotic, to say the least, the scarce sales of tickets at the beginning of the tour forced the promoter Betty Kaye not to pay i Kinks in cash, as he promised. This understandably pissed off the band.

Heavy criticism of the band

For retaliation, members performed a short set at their Reno show and left the Sacramento audience dry-mouthed for not hearing the extended version of “You Really Got Me”. Things then got worse when the band decided to cancel their show at San Francisco if they hadn’t paid in advance. It was the last straw for the promoter and saw a formal complaint lodged with the Federation American of musicians.

The accident and threats

Ray Davies vividly recalled the incident in his autobiography: “Someone who said he worked for the television company came up and accused us of being late. So he started making anti-British comments. Things like “Just because the Beatles did it, every limpid and dirty-faced young man thinks he can come here and make a career for himself. When the Russians take over Britain, don’t expect us to come and save you this time. Kinks, huh? Well, once I present my report to you guys, you will never work in the United States again. You will discover how powerful America is, you ugly bastards! ” That’s why the legendary band of Kinks did not break through in the USA.

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