Why not try it?


Now it’s official. Italian football is ready to start again. So here is again Italian Cup first and Serie A then. Without fans at the stadium, but still with 22 (and more) players eager to fight for victory.

Honestly, today I do not want to dwell on the fact that it is right or wrong to return to the field. Nor much less about the technicalities of the rules imposed for any quarantine. I prefer to talk – or rather write – about what will be. Or at least what it could be.

The upcoming months in fact represent a historical exception for the competitions of this beautiful sport. Something that would be interesting to study also on an anthropological, sociological and psychological level in the coming years.

The basic explanation is elementary. Usually the championship is a kind of marathon. And he wins that he comes to the end after a careful management of the whole journey. Starting off fired – and Mancini and Spalletti’s Inter know something – can make you delude. If the results arrive too late, it can also remain bitter in the mouth for what it could have been, but it was not.

During a normal season, developed over the canonical 9 months, there are always positive and negative moments. You have to be good at handling all situations. Without getting excited when things are going well, or throwing yourself down after a couple of defeats. Of course, physical preparation also takes into account the period of activity. And the players, according to the dictates imposed, will experience periods of great form antithetical to competitions in which instead they will not even be able to touch the ball.

However today we have to put aside normality. Precisely because we are faced with an extraordinarily non-ordinary period, to be understood as never experienced before. No more marathons, but sprint on 100 meters.

What we knew no longer applies. If all goes well, one should only play – nationally – for two months. And then, ranking in hand anything can really happen.

At the beginning of the season I had set the goal for the Nerazzurri in a peaceful landing in the Champions League. A carriage placement that would have certified an upgrade of Conte’s team.
But now I think it is right to raise the bar. Warning: nobody claims that Inter should win Serie A. We would miss him. If the opponents are better, so much hat. But the current Nerazzurri team can play it against anyone. The points of departure from the top are 9. But with one game less and with a Juve-Lazio to play, in a blink of an eye the distance from the first place could easily be only 4 (or 3) points.

So why not try it? Why not try to give everything and dream of a frankly utopian goal last September?
Everyone claims that the Scudetto is a question between Juve and Lazio. It doesn’t have to be that way for me. Even Inter must deserve to play it to the end.

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