Why have only the pop-up camera when you can also have the speaker? Sony is thinking about it


Matteo Bottin

The fashion of pop-up cameras arrived in 2019 and has quickly started to wane, with some exponents still trying (or entering the sector). Still, there are those who think of a large-scale application of this technology. Let’s talk about Sony, which not only looks at the pop-up camera, but also at the speaker pop … Down!

Yes, according to a patent reported by Let’sGoDigital Sony would be thinking of one smartphone with two moving parts: one upper, containing one speaker and one front camera, and one lower containing only one speaker. Obviously the speaker, extending downwards, will be called “pop-down”.

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The idea is simple: to have a device with as few edges as possible without giving up a good audio sector and the front camera. Not only that: the antenna of the smartphone would be incorporated in these moving parts, to obtain the maximum signal.

Obviously the two sides can be independently controlled: to take a selfie, only the upper part will rise, while to listen to music both will open. Be it one useful implementation? Maybe, but on the other hand we are talking about a patent, so it is said that we will never see a phone with these features.

Source: Let’sGoDigital

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