Who was Ayman Safiah, the Israeli Billy Elliot found dead at sea


His body was found off the coast of Atrlit beach in Israel after four days of searching. Ayman Safiah, also known as the Billy Elliot Israeli. The dancer was overwhelmed by the current during a dive with a friend: before being sucked in, he managed to help her escape.

Safiah was 29 years old. His talent was esteemed and recognized in the country, which is also why many volunteers participated in the research, during the four days in which his body was missing.

Born in a traditional Arab-Israeli community in Northern Israel, he studied dance at the prestigious Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. He then opened a dance school in Israel. “He has an incredible talent and different identities,” recalls the school director, “He has always chosen to be positive and to appreciate the goodness of the people he worked with.”

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