Who is Pappalardo, the former Carabinieri general in the square without a mask in Milan



Seventy-three of Palermitan origins, he was at the head of the Forconi movement and architect of the “revolt of the trucks” that in 2011 paralyzed the long-distance Italian roads

by Andrea Carli

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The event of the orange vests in Piazza Duomo in Milan (front row in the photo Ansa Antonio Pappalardo)

Seventy-three of Palermitan origins, he was at the head of the Forconi movement and architect of the “revolt of the trucks” that in 2011 paralyzed the long-distance Italian roads

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A ex general of the Carabinieri with the habit of street protests against the government in turn. That becomes the bearer and champion of instances ranging from anti-politics to covid-skepticism, to social anger, to self-sufficient aspirations.
The orange vests came down to the square on Saturday 30 May in Piazza Duomo a Milan (and in other Italian squares) to ask for the government’s resignation for how it managed the Covid-19 health emergency, especially in its heavy economic repercussions. All strictly without masks (because “the virus is a trick” used to impose a new social order), and without respecting social distancing. In the front row in the protest, Antonio Pappalardo, already close to the “Forconi” movement. The police headquarters said that organizers and participants will be reported for violating the decree against the spread of coronavirus.

The announcement: “We will be in Rome on June 2nd”

Pappalardo does not retreat, on the contrary relaunches. In announcing that on 2 June the orange vests will return to the square, this time in Rome to ask for the resignation of the government, he explains that “the movement has invited the people to Milan and Bergamo to vote for the end of the Conte government which has committed serious violations of the Constitution, asked to vote on the establishment of a constituent assembly to approve one new electoral law with which to go to elections in October and then print the national currency “. He then announced that he had sent a mandate to the movement’s lawyers to denounce Prime Minister Conte, the governor of Lombardy Fontana and Mayor Giuseppe Sala for aggravated extortion, attack against the Constitution and abuse of office.

Son of a brigadier, he became brigadier general of the Carabinieri

Carabiniere, trade unionist, general, parliamentarian, undersecretary, multiple candidate on his own in the elections, head of the population with the Forconi movement, then the Tir revolt and today at the helm of the orange vests. This is his CV. Born in Palermo in 1946, the son of a carabinieri brigadier – tells a news agency – he also enters the weapon by climbing his grades and also obtaining a law degree. In 1981, as lieutenant colonel, he joined the Cocer, the “union” of the Armed Forces of which he became president in 1991. In 2000 he became brigadier general.

The beginning of politics in the PSDI

In the meantime, however, he began his political career, being elected in 1992 as an independent deputy on the lists of Psdi. He founded his own political movement, Democratic Solidarity, with which he ran unsuccessfully as Mayor of Pomezia in March 1993. He consoled himself with the defeat thanks to Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, who on 6 May nominated him Undersecretary for Finance in the first technical government in republican history. Position that will be revoked not even two weeks later: on 11 May the military court sentenced him to eight months in prison for a defamation to the detriment of the General Commander of the Weapon.

The experience of the pitchforks and the revolt of the trucks

Pappalardo tries to stay in politics by running for Rome and then at European from 1994, but with little success. In 2006 he returned again as leader of the pitchforks. He runs for mayor of Palermo in 2011 with the Mediterranean Pomegranate, but the list is excluded from the race. It is one of the architects of the “truck revolt”Which in 2011 paralyzes Italian long-distance roads. In 2019 he returns to the square to ask for help for the Apulian olive growers affected by the Xilella (it is the first embryo of the orange vests, far from today’s deeply anti-government movement). After a indictment in offense to the honor of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the latest initiative: starting from the experience of the French yellow vests, he founded the orange vests. The movement is presented in the regional elections in Umbria. Pappalardo own candidate for president. It gets just 587 votes (equal to 0.13%). Then the latest news, with the decision to take to the streets in Milan to give voice to anti-system demands, starting with the no to the Conte executive, yes to a “government voted by the people” and a “return to the Italian lira” .

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